Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Custom Bespoke Perfumes 50% off until August 31!

My greatest gift of service is Bespoke Custom Perfumes. I am looking for 10 lucky people to purchase them at 50% off. Offer good until August 31. Give me a call for this service 760.309.2571.  To read more about my custom perfumes.  http://www.joannebassett.com/custom.htm

I am planning on being in Tuscany with my mentor Gina at the end of September for Transformation in Tuscany.  Won't you join us?  There are only a few places left... Go here to learn more! 

 Testimonial from Mary: 

Dear JoAnne,  The fragrance that you created for me is amazing.  When I put it on it feels like it is a part of me - it truly is my essence.  Your intuitive reading captured the scents that resonate with my spirit.  Many scents don't "belong" to you.  This perfume stirs memories and creates a clarity that enhances feelings of well-being and love that blooms when you wear it.  Thank you so much, you have been given a gift to share with others that is a blessing.  Mary