Tuesday, December 27, 2011

You Are The One Natural Perfume Launches!

Are you tired of being alone? Waiting to meet that special someone? Don’t have a New Year’s Eve date?

I have the answer! 

You are the one you have been waiting for!

The “1″ Magical Perfume is a unique eau de parfum. This potion will shift energy in your body, transform your emotions, and open your heart chakra. It raises self esteem, and self worth.

Become more sensual!  Become more sexual!

When you become “the one” you will attract what you are looking for. With this remarkable potion you have the potential to change your life!

The perfume spray bottle is nestled in a beautiful, white lotus and butterfly box. The box has gold foil in the pattern and a lovely jewel embellished butterfly brooch on the magnetized flap.

This box contains:
1 oz You Are The One Eau de Perfume spray bottle in a lovely white lotus and butterfly gold foil box.

© Copyright 2011 JoAnne Bassett. All rights reserved.

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