Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The New More Life Collection Is Launched!

Remember, however, that the desire of Substance is for all, and its movements must be for more life to all; it cannot be made to work for less life to any, because it is equally in all, seeking riches and life. “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace Wattles

I am launching my new More Life Collection of Natural Perfumes on the New Moon in Scorpio and the Solar Eclipse. What an exciting day for a launch.

This 100% Natural Perfumes collection has some masculine fragrances, an old style chypre, an orange blossom based floral, and other delights. There are 6 natural eau de parfums in 16% fragrance strength in organic grape alcohol. I chose 5 of the fragrances for 36% fragrance strength parfums in organic jojoba oil. They also come in hand blown glass bottles that can be collected with the Limited Edition Collection. Photos to follow!

Ecstasy Eau de Parfum
Rare and exclusive Bulgarian white rose otto, vintage jasmine sambac, gingergrass, sweet orange, clary sage, red mandarin, wild lavender, vanilla absolute, balsam, and benzoin. This essence is a lovely floral with a warm vanilla and balsam finish.

Intimacy Eau de Parfum
Intimacy is a very old vintage type chypre (like the orginal Coty Chypre of 1917) with a lot of oakmoss, bergamot, vintage jasmine, vintage Mysore sandalwood, iris root, vanilla absolute, vintage patchouli, natural musk, labdanum, rose, others

Italian Smoke Eau de Parfum
Italian Smoke eau de parfum is created from tobacco, neroli, orange, vintage jasmine grandifolium, and vintage Mysore sandalwood. This is my impression of an Italian Gentlemen.

Opulence Eau de Parfum
A beautiful floral created from neroli, white rose oil, vintage Mysore sandalwood, orange blossom absolute, Bulgarian rose concrete, ambergris tincture, others.

Serendipity Eau de Parfum
An unusual floral. It has cassie absolute, tuberose, balsam, expensive oud—agarwood, cardamon, vanilla, rose, neroli, frankincense, others.

Vert Eau de Parfum
Vert is an herbal scent created from herbs from Provence. Marjoram, lavender, cypress, rose, vanilla, green mandarin, cistus, angelica, black currant, lemon verbena, grapefruit, cocoa, others.

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