Sunday, November 24, 2013

Holiday Perfume Sale for A Cause – Typhoon Haiyan Relief Effort

Holiday Perfume Sale for A Cause – Typhoon Haiyan Relief Effort


“I was talking to my good friend Emma Tiebens about the devastation in the Philippines and I wondered how I could make a difference. Then I remembered my good friend Susan Ordona  has been so amazing at rallying up people to help her devastated hometown. The result is my “Holiday Perfume Sale for A Cause”.

My Le Voyage eau de toilette and perfume came to mind.  Le Voyage means the journey in French.  I see this as the journey of  the people in the Philippines. I see the perfume as symbolic of hope and rebuilding.  LeVoyage eau de toilette and parfum will be on a Holiday Sale.  20% of the proceeds of Le Voyage sales, all natural perfumes and all offerings on my JoAnne Bassett website  until Christmas will go towards Susan Ordonas’s cause…Click here to buy Le Voyage!

1 oz bottles

Natural eau de parfums to enchant and delight…for men and women!

Perfume coffrets that will be treasured.  Gold gild floral boxes that are keepsakes…great stocking stuffers.

Individual samples are sold on the various collection pages.  Also visit the sample page for sample sets.

These beautiful bottles make wonderful gifts.  Please see the More Life Collection and Limited Edition Collections on the Collection Page.

The Limited Edition Collection Bottles

The Limited Edition Collection Bottles

Great Christmas gifts…hand blown glass bottles. To purchase go to Collections.


Natural Perfumes in French flacons!

Thank you so much for supporting this cause!! Remember 20 % of my sales go directly to the relief effort.  To read more about this effort and where your money will go, please read my Natural Perfumes Blog.