Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Spring Has Sprung At JoAnne Bassett Perfumes

But first I need to ask you a favor...I have to ask you a couple of questions.  Can you help me out?
I am considering offering a Spring Tonic Eau de Perfume© ...There are Spring Tonics you take internally to clean you out.  These are herbal tonics. It will be like a "Spring Cleanse" but for the skin.
A list of benefits is already started. It will  cover all the ways the tonic will support our spring renewal. HOWEVER, I need your help. Before I finalize everything, I need to make sure I have covered everything. That is where you come in. Please take a few minutes to answer this super-short survey— there is really only one thing we want to ask you … What are your two top questions about the Spring Tonic Eau de Perfume?  I am wondering if any of you are interested in a Spring Tune Up Eau de Perfume©? I absolutely NEED you to answer on my Facebook page.