Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Glorious Gardenias!

I love this time of year! My garden is absolutely exploding with color and scent. Every morning at 6 a m I walk out into my wonderland. What is new today? I am never disappointed!

I have several varieties of gardenias and they are literally covered with blooms. It takes a basket to collect all of the blooms to take into my studio to macerate and tincture them.

The gardenia fragrance is so intoxicating...I sit and swoon when the breeze hits the plants. Heaven, I'm in heaven! What joy... simple pleasures.

Come and join me in a tour of my garden ...and take an aromatic class. I teach natural perfume classes and aromatic journeys on Saturday. Private classes can be arranged during the week.

How about a custom bespoke perfume using some of these gardenia blooms?