Monday, December 14, 2009

Lovely New Custom Couture Fragrance...

I just created the most wonderful custom parfum ...the apricot of osmanthus to touch the inner soul, the deep richness of Bulgarian rose for love, orange blossoms for emotional support, frankincense for knowing and remembering, etc....These oils create a fragrance that is really positive to wear.  All 100% pure botanicals.  It really makes me smile.  That is the beauty of natural fragrances...they are also good for you...body, mind, and spirit.

Our olfactory memories are very powerful. If we come in contact with a smell we loved and it brought back happy times from the past..we will try to find out what that smell is and use it.  It may be found in our body care products, eau de parfum, or parfum.  I use my favorite smells in shower gel, body lotion, and in my spray on fragrance daily. 

Why not wrap yourself in a ethereal wrap of pleasant fragrance today.