Sunday, January 24, 2010

Amazing Woman In the Spotlight! From the Amazng Woman Alliance Newsletter

JoAnne Bassett is a Fragrance Therapist™ and Natural Couture Perfumer. She creates 100% botanical fragrances and full collections of organic and vegan body care products. JoAnne utilizes therapeutic essential oils, absolutes, and botanicals with intention to form energetic healing fragrances.

JoAnne Bassett is a green company that supports the local farmers and distillers and uses sustainable materials when possible. She uses wild and organic essences when available. No phthalates, synthetic aroma chemicals, nature identicals, isolates, artificial dyes, parabens, or petroleum is used. We do not test on animals and all of our lines are cruelty free. We use organic jojoba oil in our parfums and organic grape alcohol from wine grapes is used in our eau de toilettes, and eau de parfums.

Through her Natures Enchantments™ collection she provides the access to the new empowered energy and universal consciousness. These aromatic treasures are unique in that they shift energy and have the ability to change perspectives. These botanicals are created with wisdom brought forth from the ancient Egyptians using techniques of alchemy. This is knowledge that has not been divulged until now. JoAnne has been called to share this new energy with the world. This inspired fragrance collection will be launched in 2010.

JoAnne is very passionate about her work. She teaches an "Aromatic Journey" class that is an exploration in aromatics. In that class you will learn about scent nuances, aromatherapy properties for body, mind, and spirit, "seeing color", and feeling the energy of the oils. Becoming familiar with the natural botanicals is a beginning step to natural perfumery.

JoAnne also teaches a "Create Your Own Empowering Essence™ Workshop. It is a personal adventure in botanical perfumery. Creating your own perfume is a very special gift to yourself. It really is a lot of fun. Your creative juices will start flowing in this workshop for the senses. You will mix your own special perfume, name it, and take it home in a special 3 ml octagonal, glass perfume bottle with a gold cap. You will be able to use this empowering essence to create what you want for yourself.

JoAnne also designs, creates, and manufacturers private label lines of natural and botanical fragrances and body care products for other companies.

She is available for perfume parties, classes, workshops, and speaking engagements to share her knowledge of spiritual alchemy and energetic healing. She is all about empowering others and shifting consciousness. JoAnne uses fragrance as a tool to reach people and tap into natures power. Call JoAnne at 760.309.2571 to schedule.

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