Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Yellow Flowers Make Me Smile

I love these yellow star bursts.  I don't know the official name but don't they look like big, yellow stars?

I was just looking at the calendar and it tells me Spring begins on March 20.  Looking around my neighborhood it has already begun.  Trees are flowering, bulbs blooming, rabbits are hopping, and the green sprouts where the grass seed was is starting to resemble a new lawn. People are trimming some trees way back and doing other various Spring tasks.  

My wardrobe is the joyful Spring colors and happy prints.  In my perfume studio I am pulling out the happy Spring scents and making some wonderful Custom Couture Perfumes for some lucky clients. 

Some of those beautiful yellow roses from last year and those citrus blossoms that did not make it into a Limited Edition are being used.  Lemon, grapefruit, and orange blossoms from my trees are now finding new homes.  Life is good.