Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mystery of Musk Project - Sensual Embrace eau de parfum

Persia by George Barbier

Mystery of Musk: The Natural Perfumers Guild Internet Project - June - July 2010

It was announced on the Natural Perfumers Guild list that we were having a Mystery of Musk internet project.  This is where Guild Perfumers could participate if they volunteered to create a musk fragrance.  I jumped at the chance and was one of the professional perfumers chosen.  

In this piece of art we see a Musk deer and a Persian woman.  Persia used the musk deer for perfumes until the musk deer almost became extinct.  Now the musk found in commercial perfumes is synthetic.

Being a natural botanical perfumer I do not use animal oils so when I was chosen to create a Mystery of Musk fragrance I looked at the list of ingredients that we could use.  I chose to use angelica seed and ambrette seed which is from a hibiscus.  The musky smell comes through my fragrance without having to harm an animal.  It is very sexy and sensual.  I used a total of 16 ingredients to create my formula.  I named my creation Sensual Embrace as that is what it feels like spraying it on my body.  It is unisex. Enjoy!

It is available for purchase on my website  and at