Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Natural Perfumer's Guild Mystery of Musk Project

The Natural Perfumer's Guild Mystery of Musk Project, is where 12 perfumers are all developing their own interpretation of the popular note and sending them to various bloggers and forum members for their review.

The Project has been created by Guild owner, Anya McCoy to celebrate four years of the guild. McCoy says: "If there is one thing I’ve observed during my long tenure on the Internet, musk is the Number One subject of interest among those who love all kinds of perfume, both natural and synthetic. Musk fascinates! Many perfumistas realize that natural perfumers don’t use synthetic musks and civets and such, but that we search for alternatives that give the same effect."

Each perfumer will send out their musk samples to each blogger and forum poster taking part, who will in turn write about their impressions on the internet.

The perfumers taking part are:

Adam Gottshalk (Lord's Jester)

Alexandra Balahoutis (Strange Invisible Perfumes)

Alfredo Dupetit-Bernardi (Dupetit Natural Products)

Ambrosia Jones (Perfumes by Nature)

Anya McCoy (Anya's Garden)

Charna Ethier (Providence Perfume Co)

Dawn Spencer Hurwitz (Perfume des Beauz Arts)

Elise Pearlstine (Belly Flowers)

Jane Cate (A Wing and a Prayer Perfumes)

JoAnne Bassett (JoAnne Bassett perfumes)

Lisa Fong (Artemisia Perfume)

Nick Jennings

(Sharini Parfums Naturales)

Bloggers and websites taking part are:

I Smell Therefore I am

Perfume Shrine

The Non Blonde

Indie Perfumes

Bitter Grace Notes



The First Nerve

Olfactory Rescue Service

Grain de Musc

I am so happy to be a part of this wonderful musk project. I will make my musk creation, Sensual Embrace eau de parfum available soon.

Follow my blog so you don't miss out.  I will also be having a give away to my followers of my blog...More later!