Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Mystery of Musk - My Sensual Embrace eau de parfum


The Mystery of Musk - A Natural Perfumers Guild Project

In celebration of the Fourth Anniversary of the Guild

June - July 2010

JoAnne Bassett

When I read about the Mystery of Musk project I was excited about the possibilities. I do not have a true botanical musk fragrance in my collection so this was a stretch for me.  I have one fragrance that resembles a mild musk so I really wanted this musk perfume to throw a punch.  I believe I have succeeded.

Creating 100% natural  botanical fragrances is what I do now.  Looking at the list of ingredients that we could use to create the musk smell I determined I would use ambrette seed and angelica root.

In May I sat down to blend one afternoon and created my masterpiece.  She is sexy, vibrant, seductive, sensual, and alluring.  The sultry eau de parfum longs for me to spray it and my nose returns to my arm.  I am intrigued with the exotic collaboration.  It is named Sensual Embrace as I feel that is what a good musk perfume would do.

My hand blended formulation contains 16 ingredients infused in organic grape alcohol from wine grapes.  Some of the exquisite notes are vintage jasmine sambac, tobacco, vintage Mysore sandalwood, amber accord, rose centifolia, violet, orange blossoms, tuberose, green mandarin, and clementine for a playful lift.