Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sensual Embrace Eau de Parfum Giveaway!

The Mystery Of Musk Guild project is creating wonderful excitement for the Professional Perfumers.  I took part in this project and created Sensual Embrace.  I am giving away a 1 oz bottle of  Sensual Embrace Botanical Eau de Perfume.  To qualify you must become of my followers, and sign up for my newsletter on my website. This is not the Networked Blog followers.  I will be choosing the winner on July 13 and will announce it here. 

A good friend and wonderful poet sprayed on the Sensual Embrace eau de parfum and within minutes wrote this beautiful poem.  Please enjoy!

The sand blows against me as I walk in the moonlight
the voices faint behind me weave like a ribbon through the caravan.
The tent flap beckons, waves of spice reach out to me,
and I enter, enveloped in the musk.
my heartbeat fights with my voice..
the satin and the scent lead me onward,
while the lamplight flickers around me.
I see you, and caught by the look in your eyes....
We move together in sensuous embrace.

Poem by Michael Kendrick Brown    Copyright 2010 Michael Kendrick Brown All rights reserved.

Sensual Embrace Botanical Eau de Perfume

A sultry, sexy musk 100% natural fragrance that sizzles with intrique. This stunning, mysterious, seductive blend captures the essence of a sensuous embrace. A unisex parfum.

Notes: citrus notes clementine, floral notes of Rose de Mai oil - the May rose of France, jasmine, tuberose, orange blossoms, musky notes of ambrette seed, amber accord, smoky notes of tobacco, sensuous woody notes of smooth vintage Mysore sandalwood,dark patchouli,and others

This eau de parfum has a 16% fragrance strength. The parfum is 36% fragrance strength.

This eau de perfume also comes in a 1 ml sample size for $5.00.
1 oz eau de parfum spray for $75.00.
8 ml parfum in a French perfume flacon with dauber for $145.00.

Available at http://www.joannebassett.com/