Saturday, August 28, 2010

Petit Trianon Eau de Perfume

PETIT TRIANON - When we go to a place of wonder, we question is this real? The pleasing thing about this fragrance is that it is very real and alive. It stirs an emotion in us that we may not have felt before. It is there to support us. Everyone will benefit from this wonderful fragrance.

An oriental, musky fragrance

Notes: Orange Blossom absolute, Ambrette seed, Lavender vera, Black Spruce and others

Petit Trianon is from the Royal Collection of natural eau de perfumes - 100% natural botanical fragrances in organic grape alcohol base. 16% fragrance concentration - French salon strength

There are no synthetic fragrance oils, nature identical oils, or man made fragrances of any type in these natural parfums. They contain genuine essential oils,and absolutes that have been extracted from the plants or cold pressed from the fruits in an organic grape alcohol base.