Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Something’s happening on January 22nd that I really want you to know about!
I’m joining with my mentor, friend and Amazing Woman’s Day founder, Marsh Engle
to bring together a room filled with women entrepreneurs, change-makers, and
bold visionaries!   As I saw all that’s happening on January 22nd, I immediately
thought of you as a woman who I’d love to have there with me!  If fact, I’m putting
together a table filled with amazing women!
So, take a look at all that happening on January 22nd and see if you agree! 
Then, let me know if you’d like to join me!
Speak with you soon!
JoAnne Bassett
PS:  I’m thrilled to be featured in Marsh Engle’s new book,
“Amazing Woman, What’s Your Story?” and will be one
of her featured speakers on January 22nd!   I hope you can be
there with me as I celebrate my story LIVE on stage! 
Ten Dynamic Benefits You Will Receive From The Day!
1. Gain absolute clarity!  What is your authentic purpose & creative calling? 
Find out ways to live a life that's spiritually connected and professionally rewarding
beyond your imagination!                    
2. Get noticed!  Can you benefit from more visibility for you and your work?
Be seen on Amazing Woman's Day TV!  Our pilot is being filmed that day!
3. Sit one-on-one with leading mentors! Our exclusive "Meet The Mentors"
luncheon gives you direct access to experts, dedicated time to ask questions
and learn what you need to put your plan into action!
4. Build valuable, new relationships! Grow your network of resources,
new alliances and friendships through a series of dynamic networking sessions.
5. Celebrate your true creative spirit!  Yes, you can be feminine AND successful! 
Learn feminine principles that will IMMEDIATELY expand your connection with
higher creativity, passion, collaboration, community & success!
6. Find out how to get paid what you deserve for your work! 
What story are you telling about money and being a wealthy, resourceful woman? 
It's time to discover new ways to capitalize on your unique strengths & talents!
7. Learn to s-t-r-e-t-c-h your time!  Discover ways to make certain that
you are optimizing your actions to create maximized results!
8. Do you want a fulfilling relationship and SUCCESS?  Learn the secrets
to having a great relationship AND being a highly successful woman!
9. Discover the hidden power of your life! Hear from women who are featured
in my NEW book, "Amazing Woman, What's Your Story?"  Find out how they
redefined their life to live their creative calling and ultimate purpose!

10. Unleash your ultimate potential!  Learn a six step Essential Life Vision™
process to set free higher creativity and lasting fulfillment in your career,
business, relationships & life!