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The Best Kept Secret ~ The Benefits of Natural Perfume

So what are the benefits of using natural ingredients in perfumery?   There are many positive attributes to the essential oils.  There are energetic, emotional, and physical healing properties associated with natural fragrances. The essential oils enhance your well being by creating happiness and uplifting states of mind.  Using the live plant energy of frankincense you nourish and protect the skin.  Palmarosa is a cellular regenerative, and helichrysum rejuvenates the skin.  Lavender is calming, and citrus oils have been shown to be anti depressants.  The floral essential oils increase confidence and provide balance.  Some of the wood oils are soothing and reduce stress. 

Using whole plant essences in natural fragrances we are supporting the family farms, the wild crafters, and the artisan distillers who use ecologically sound practices of growing, harvest, and commerce throughout the world.

When parfum is made with natural botanical extracts the parfum has the complexity of the natural oils and is fresh, alive, and vibrant.  After you apply a natural fragrance you will notice the scents of the top, heart, and base notes.  It will smell different on everyone who wears it as we each have our own personal chemistry.  There will be no strong, synthetic smell that is derived from petrochemicals.

JoAnne Bassett's Natural Couture Fragrances are lovingly bottled by hand.  She uses alcohol from fruity wine grapes as a base for her all natural eau de toilettes.  In her Parfums she uses Jojoba oil as a base, which is a liquid vegetable wax that very closely mimics the natural oils produced by human skin.  The Jojoba base allows for slower evaporation and deeper scent saturation, thereby extending the longevity of the scent on the skin.  Jojoba is extremely stable and provides a very long shelf life of the parfums.  Almond oil is used as a base for her roll-ons and provides the added benefit of being wonderfully emollient for dry skin.  JoAnne Bassett’s all natural line of fragrances is a treat for your nose and your skin.  Indulge yourself with the loving plant essences.

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