Friday, April 15, 2011

Custom Bespoke Perfumes Price Increase May 1

Custom Bespoke Natural Perfume

In these times of fast food, generic labels, stock items, and everything smells the same... why not ...choose Custom Couture over just another cotton candy scent?   Doesn't real Bulgarian white rose otto, vintage Mysore sandalwood oil, vintage jasmine sambac, osmanthus, mimosa, tuberose, and all of the other precious oils in my collection sound really fabulous to you?  They are so sensuous and when they flower on your skin you will know it was meant for you.

For almost 20 years I have created Custom 100% Natural Perfumes for discriminating clients. Why not treat yourself today!  You are worth it!  Organic and vegan body care products to match are available.  These Custom Bespoke Natural Perfumes are one-of-a-kind treasures. The French parfum bottle with dauber will make you feel like a Queen.  Are you ready to treat yourself like a Queen?

Please go to   or call me at 760.309.2571 to place an order.  You can also send me an email to  You are so worth it!
On May 1 my Custom Perfumes will go from $2,000.00 for 1/4 oz parfum to $3,000.00.  Order Now!