Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My New Blog and Aromatic Journeys


I recently went to the San Diego Wild Animal Park where there was a Butterfly Jungle.

Inside of the jungle, a very beautiful brown butterfly landed on my hand. The side view had  "eyes" and the coloring was wonderful.  As it sat on my hand I noticed the variations when I viewed it from the side, and then from the top down.  As the butterfly sat in my hand I watched it and asked it to "spread its wings" to display the top of the wings.  As it unfolded this lovely brown butterfly transformed into a translucent blue. 

This year's colorful celebration was accurately themed Metamorphosis.  I am in a big transformational period myself.  I have birthed a new blog

Aromatic Journeys will cover my musings of fragrance, places, and flowers I have discovered.  My new blog will cover my formulas, my rare and precious oils and botanicals I use to create synergy.  This is the magical dance that takes place, and the benefits derived from wearing my natural fragrances on a daily basis.

I will share some of the transformations I have witnessed when clients have worn my Custom Bespoke Perfumes I have created for them.  This is both women and men I speak of.

Won't you join me on my new adventure?