Sunday, June 12, 2011

JoAnne Bassett Contributing Author - Book Launch

As you may know I am a contributing author in the book "Amazing Woman, What's Your Story" by Marsh Engle.  My story is about perfume and I would love for you to buy the book to read all about it.  It is fascinating and there are other storys from women that you will relate to. 

Thank you for being part of our community and for your interest in joining us for our Online Amazing Woman Celebration.  To Listen to the program click here:

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It began with the idea of bringing together a dynamic group of 16 women who had made a discovery. And, it grew into a life expanding experience that left each of us forever changed.

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Amazing Woman, What’s Your Story? is more than a book.  It’s a guide into the heart of your authentic power – a roadmap to reveal your ultimate capacity to shape your destiny.

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Once you learn what inspires your action, the blind spots begin to shift and something spectacular takes shape in every area of your life...

Amazing Woman, What’s Your Story? offers you an Essential Life Vision™ process to help you renew, re-inspire and unleash your true creative potential. And, it features real stories of women - including my own - who reveal the pivotal moment that forever transformed their future.

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JoAnne Bassett

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