Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Uncorked! Natural Perfumers Guild Members Blogging Event: Happy 5th Anniversary - and My Path To Natural Perfumery

 Happy Fifth Anniversary Natural Perfumers Guild!
Roses from my yard
I joined the Guild as a Professional Perfumer in the early days of the Guild.  I felt it was important to be a part of an organization promoting Natural Perfumery. I love creating 100% natural perfumes and I am happy to see the Guild grow and thrive.

Sweet Orange Blossoms and Oranges from my trees

 I became a certified aromatherapist in 1993 and started my company Bassett Aromatherapy. I created a line of products and did individual blending for clients. My clients who were sensitized to the synthetic department store fragrances wanted me to make them natural fragrances. That is how it began. I took a blending class and was self taught.  The rest is history. 18 years later I am still making Custom Bespoke Perfumes and Natural Perfume Collections.

In 2000 I created Le Voyage – the journey in an eau de toilette and parfum. It became my scent I wore everyday. I bought French perfume bottles for it and made a beautiful box for it in 2001.  I created Reveiller – awaken  in an eau de toilette and parfum and sold them both on the Bassett Aromatherapy website called  That was 11 years ago.  I had other collections but sold them only to my clients and mostly in person.

In 2005 I opened Le Bijou- the jewel, my perfume boutique in La Jolla, California. I created the Royal Collection and the French Collections in 2006 which I still sell online at my website  Limited Edition collections in hand blown glass are a favorite item of mine.

My perfumes are a work of art and I love using the most expensive raw materials I can source.

Lemon Blossoms and Lemons from my trees

I use almost all of the blossoms from my yard…roses, grapefruit, lemon, sweet orange, and gardenias. I use them for Custom Bespoke Perfumes and limited edtions mostly. I do use the gardenias in Madame Pompadour. I have created 1,000′s of fragrances for private label, bespoke customs, for special occasions, and limited editions.  I get to play with the oils everyday.

Gardenia from my yard