Sunday, July 24, 2011

Poem for PLAP #10 Têtu Eau de Parfum & Review

Poem for PLAP #10 Têtu Eau de Parfum by JoAnne Bassett Perfumes ~ Perfume Poem by Perfume Pharm Girl Magnolia May Polley
The ground is fragrant.
Hot sun, regrowth on old burned land…
Mushrooms and tall grass grow here
Where the sun and the shadows fall just right.
We laid out the picnic and curled up under a a sky growing into twilight.
We were making up for lost time.
We were deep in the forest of the soul.
If one could trap the smell of the fire light on your skin in a bottle
Or collect the resin of sweet pine smoke and hot aromatic tea…
We could imprint this moment within a scent.

Copyright 2011 Magnolia May Polley
Magnolia: This is my favorite of all the PLAP…it changes on my skin and becomes very sweet, yet remains slightly smoky. It does really remind me of the woods, vanilla tea and the lingering smell of a fire. I love it so much!!! Hot baby!

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