Friday, September 30, 2011

Surrender To The Flow..

I am staying at a friend's house on a lake for a few days...she is on vacation and this is a mini vacation for me...

They are coming for breakfast!

White Egret
 This morning I walk out in her yard and am greeted by ducks, geese, an egret, white swans, and other water fowl.  What a blessing..The fog is hanging thick in the air and the mist is rising off the lake.....They are hungry...I am the official live bird feeder!  Have you ever had so many birds come up to you for food? 

White Swan
As the fog clears so does the fog in my head.  I drink my coffee and feed the birds.  What a great morning.  They play nice and I am grateful.  They all get along and wait their turn...I wonder what life would be like if humans behaved more like water fowl?