Saturday, November 12, 2011

JoAnne Bassett Launches Temptress Parfum Limited Edition for 11.11.11

Temptress Parfum

Temptress is a 100% natural perfume and is created from the finest materials available.

Temptress comes on strong, captures you, and leaves you wanting more…

Boasting damask rose from Egypt and vintage jasmine sambac and vintage jasmine grandifolium from India..she goes right to your senses..A calliope of scent fills your space and you are drawn in. Citrus notes of red mandarin and pink grapefruit sparkle and evolve into lavender, bay rum, and spices of sage, celery seed, black pepper, cinnamon leaf, and basil. To balance you, geranium roseum steps in and then you are tempted with sweet vanilla. With Lavender Seville adding a green note and lemon verbena boosting the female rapture we are mesmerized. Black spruce, frankincense and smooth, vintage patchouli does a sultry dance and you are left breathless.

Temptress parfum opens the heart chakra and balances female and male energies.

This natural perfume is 36% fragrance strength in an organic base of golden jojoba oil.

This precious hand blown glass bottle includes a lovely dauber to apply the perfume. No synthetics or man made fragrance oils in this exotic perfume.

This is an exclusive and limited edition. This precious bottle holds 1/2 ounce of parfum. A Thai silk box holds this precious bottle.

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