Thursday, January 19, 2012

Joy In January - SAD No More!

Orange Blossoms and Sweet Oranges on my tree
I have been participating in the Natural Perfumers Guilds Joy in January - SAD blogging project.  The citrus oil top notes really help in alleviating the depression that goes with SAD.  SAD is seasonal affective disorder which is a condition that is due to lack of light in the winter months.

Many of my natural perfumes contain sweet orange essence or neroli oil that help this condition. By spraying on or applying a natural perfume you can gain these benefits of feeling uplifted and more joyful.

Please go to my website  and see my natural perfume collections containing citrus oils.  I do sell samples.

You can read more at my Natural Perfumes Blog here:  You can also comment to win samples and essential oils.

Have a joyful day!