Thursday, March 29, 2012

Natural Perfume Workshops - May 12 in San Diego, CA


Are you ready for a new natural fragrance without all of the toxic synthetic chemicals? Join me for a Natural Perfume workshop that will change the way you look at fragrance. 

During this class we will explore the essential oils and absolutes on a blotter paper and discuss the scent classification, the attributes of each essence, and the benefits of the oils.

We will build accords, discuss blending a scent for a purpose or a themed essence, etc. We will discuss creating the scent drop by drop and the bases that can be used.

There will be question and answers throughout the process.

Includes: Scent Classification sheet, Oil Classification Guide, and Fragrance Family Classification sheet.  A 1/8 oz - 3.75 mls of perfume you create in class to be taken home.

3 hour Workshop $300.00 Prepaid. I accept charge cards by phone, paypal, and checks. Please email and prepay to hold your space.

This Natural Perfume Workshop will be held May 12 in the San Diego area from 9 am to noon.

I do not offer workshops very often and I do not have any scheduled after this.



To be eligible to take the Accord workshop you must first take the Natural Perfume Workshop.

In this fun workshop we will delve deeper into making accords. Top note, heart note, and base accords and all accord combinations will be created.

1 hour accord workshop $100.00

The Accord workshop is from 1 pm to 2 pm.

I offer a Perfume Kit that contains essential oils and absolutes, supplies, and instructions.

My students often purchase the kit to familiarize themselves before the workshop.

Here is a link to purchase it:

I sell essential oils and absolutes at this link:

Please call 760.309.2571 for more information or to hold your place.