Sunday, August 26, 2012

I Am A Luxury Custom Couture Perfumer

I Am JoAnne Bassett - I Am A Luxury Custom Couture Perfumer.

I create INTUITIVE CUSTOM PERFUMES for conscious entrepreneurs, professionals and people who are stuck, in need of a breakthrough and ready for life transformation. My perfumes enable the wearer to CLARIFY their Purpose, COMMIT to their Transformation, and CHANGE their LIFE.

I am loving my new clarity. I wake up everyday with renewed excitement of the many people who are now reaching out to me to inquire of my perfumes and Intuitive Coaching/Consulting Services.

Working with Emma Tiebens, has enabled me to communicate what it is that I do. All I do now is to talk to people about my book, and this answer to "What Do You Do?" and they instantly want
to find out more about me... It's so POWERFUL!

Please go to my website  to learn more about my perfume collections, about my Custom Couture Parfums, and Intuitive Coaching and Consulting Services.