Thursday, August 9, 2012

Vintage Hydrodistilled Frankincense for Sale!

A few days ago I posted about my rare and precious oils for sale...Some of you requested prices for larger sizes.  This frankincense is absolutely stunning...never to be seen again...

The hydrodistilled essential oils are very rare as it takes a huge quanity of flowers or raw materials to create drops of the hydrodistilled oil..It is very concentrated and has a much higher vibration than steam distilled essential oils. These oils are absolutely beautiful. I use these in my precious perfumes and to meditate with. I have a very large amount of money invested in all of these oils and it is time to share more of them with the world. This is a rare treat.

Vintage and remarkable!

2000 hydrodistilled frankincense ( boswellia carterii) essential oil from Oman
1 oz - 30 mls for $250.00

There are some companies selling 2012 steam distilled frankincense 1/2 oz for $90.00.  This vintage and hydrodistilled oil is far superior to the steam distilled quality.

Email me to order or call me at 760.309.2571..