Friday, October 5, 2012


Enchant Parfum from my Limited Edition Collection has oud oil in the formula.  Oud adds a very special energy and smell.  It is very rewarding to perceive this rare oil.

I am selling rare and precious oud oils. What I have available is 100% real, pure oud oils that are hydrodistilled. Agarwood is another name for oud.

They come in 2.5 grams samples, 15 ml, 30 ml, and larger sizes.
A. 100% PURE OUD Royal Cambodia
B. 100% PURE OUD Assam Premium India
C. 100% PURE OUD Assam India
D. 100% PURE OUD Thailand
E. 100% PURE OUD Thailand #1
F. 100% PURE OUD Borneo Wild
G. 100% PURE OUD Borneo Wild Premium, Smoky
H. 100% PURE OUD Borneo Wild Super, Smoky & Animalic Sweet
I. 100% PURE OUD Borneo Wild Supreme

Good quality oud is getting extremely hard to find. Most of it now is tweaked with other product.
Prices are going up because of this. Oud is also very popular in perfume so supplies are important and prices are reflecting this. Please email me for pricing and to purchase.

Another beautiful parfum from my Limited Edition Collection is Reflections Parfum. I chose oud for this amazing parfum also.  I cannot tell you the beautiful fragrance it lends to the parfum.  You will have to experience it yourself.

Samples and the Limited Edition Collection are available on my website.