Thursday, February 7, 2013

Want To Know A Secret?

Wonder what it would be like to go from two clients a year to over $40K a month without buying leads or working yourself to death?
Check this out:
Debi Berndt, founder of Attract Love and author of the best seller Let Love In, did just this...
She went from two clients to over $40K a month (with the same list and the same marketing) just by getting out of her own way and shifting her focus!
Even though she had a background in marketing, Debi was "lucky" enough to be stuck at 100K a year. It was a painful seven years, and she felt powerless to shatter her income ceiling. She decided to take a stand and raise her rates, only to watch her business crumble.
All but TWO clients abandoned her.
Debi says, "I was ready to give it all up."
That's when Million Dollar Income Acceleration Mentor, David Neagle, showed her how to get her ego out of her own way and "serve her clients."
What does "Get Out of Your Own Way" mean? Check out David's video series More Than enough and find out for yourself.

Some of the biggest names in our industry pay David the big bucks to help them break through the five-or-six-figure income ceiling into seven easy figures (and often in as little as twelve months).
Here's your chance to get coached by Million Dollar Income Acceleration Mentor David Neagle (for free).

JoAnne Bassett

P.S. If you desire more freedom than you have now - more cash flow, more clients, more opportunities - these More Than Enough videos will show you how to open the floodgates of abundance into your life.