Saturday, May 18, 2013

Perfumes Are Not All Created Equal

There is More to Perfume Than Just Fragrance… 

7 Things You Should Know That Could Change Your Life

We have fragrance wardrobes...just like clothing they effect our day.  Choose a fragrance that fits your mood.
Know that when wearing a natural perfume your energy will be higher and great things may start appearing in your life.
You will feel supported when you wear your Custom Couture Perfume by JoAnne Bassett.
Being energetically attracted to wearing a perfume means it is the one for you whether you like how it smells or not.
There are fragrances for day and for night, and for hot or cold seasons.  Change your fragrance with the season.  You change as a person so make sure you change your fragrance to match your new energy.
Open your heart when purchasing a new perfume...your mind will not know the one for you...but your heart will.
If you do not feel like a Queen or King wearing your fragrance, stop wearing it and replace it with one that does.

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JoAnne Bassett Natural Perfumes

Perfumes Are Not All Created Equal
3 secrets … No One Ever Tells You…

1.  Wearing my natural perfumes will change your life!  You many never go back to wearing synthetic, commercial fragrances
2.  100% Natural Perfumes have the benefits of aromatherapy and can shift your emotions and energy positively
3.  Custom Couture Perfumes created by JoAnne Bassett, an alchemist, can transform your life if you are open to it

© JoAnne Bassett  Copyright 2013   All rights reserved.