Friday, July 19, 2013

Closeout Sale on Le Voyage eau de toilette and parfum!

It is time to retire Le Voyage eau de toilette and parfum!  Le Voyage was created in 2000. After 13 years of constant sales I am coming to the end of the special rare ingredients used in this scent.

When my inventory of eau de toilette and parfum is gone...that is it!  Get yours now!

Le Voyage is a beautiful citrus, floral that is perfect for those warm days.  The citrus top notes burn off after 30 minutes and you are left with a gorgeous vintage Bulgarian white rose otto, vintage jasmine sambac, vintage hydrodistilled pink lotus essential oil, vintage hydrodistilled Oman frankincense, and vintage Mysore sandalwood.  A beautiful, complex floral with a powder dry down.

This is not an aromatherapy perfume folks..this is a luscious complex fragrance in organic grape alcohol that has the benefits of aromatherapy!

Citrus - uplifting and joyful
White rose otto - opens the heart chakra
jasmine sambac - an aphrodisiac
pink lotus - creativity and prosperity
sandalwood - centering and connection with Spirit