Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Natural Perfumery Classes on Saturday, Nov. 21 and Dec.5 in Carlsbad, CA

Classes available in person are held on Saturdays in Southern California.

Upcoming Saturday classes are November 21, and December 5, 2009 in Carlsbad, CA in the North County area of San Diego.

Sat, Nov 21- Aromatic Journey II class from 12 to 1 pm and an Accord class and from 1:30 to 2:30 pm.

 They will be $50.00 each and last only 1 hour each. Prerequisite for the Accord class is the NP Workshop.

Sat, Dec 5 - Aromatic Journey I class at 12 to 1 pm for $50.00 and  the Natural Perfume workshop from 2 to 5 pm  for $250.00.

If you would like to attend any of these classes please call to prepay and confirm. If you have any friends that would be interested please invite them. Phone 760.309.2571.

Aromatic Journey class

This class is an exploration in aromatics. We will learn about scent nuances, aromatherapy properties for body, mind, and spirit, "seeing color" and feeling the energy of the oils. Becoming familiar with the natural botanicals is a beginning step to natural perfumery.

1 hour class $50.00 prepaid to reserve your class. To order: and buy a gift certificate for $50.00 put in the comment section which class you are looking to attend. You can also call me to order with a credit card.  Phone 760.309.2571.

Natural Perfumery Workshop

We will together smell the 33 essences on a blotter paper and discuss the scent classification and attributes of each essence.

We will discuss top, middle, base notes and define what each essence is. We will learn how long each note will last in a perfume. We will discuss strengths of eau de toilettes, eau de parfums, and parfums.

We will build accords, discuss blending a scent for a purpose or a themed essence, etc. We will discuss creating the scent drop by drop and the bases that can be used.

There will be question and answers throughout the process.

Includes Scent Classification sheet, Oil Classification Guide, and Fragrance Family Classification sheet. You will take home a 1/8 oz - 3.75 mls of perfume that you create in class.  This is a 3 hour class.

$250.00 prepaid to reserve your class. To order: and buy a gift certificate for $200.00 and one for $50.00 put in the comment section for December 5 class. You can also call me to order by credit card.  Phone 760.309.2571.


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