Saturday, June 23, 2012

Do You Want A New Fragrance For Summer?

Summer is here and the living is easy....With the change of seasons we also have a change in fragrance wardrobe...What was appropriate for Spring and cooler temperatures is not the best choice for those steamy summer days and nights...

So to kick off summer I suggest trying some samples of citrus and floral fragrances..they seem to do well in the heat of the day....My samples start at $5.00.

JoAnne Bassett Samples    I also have an Etsy Store  that sells items not listed on my website.

Some scents I suggest for summer are The Divine Collection eau de toiletteswhich offer a lighter scent for day. They are on clearance sale on Etsy now.

I also really enjoy my favorite of 12 years...Le Voyage eau de is always a cheerful fragrance for me to wear. Citrus tops that open into a full rose, jasmine, pink lotus, and more heart...and then beautiful vintage Mysore sandalwood comes in and leaves a beautiful powder finish...

I also love to wear the sparkling citrus scent of Versailles eau de parfum.

Enjoy your new summer fragrance..You may want to put a bottle in the frig for those cool blasts of goodness on those hot days...and nights..