Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Custom Natural Perfume-Making Classes In Southern California

 My schedule for July and August for "Create Your Own Perfume" Workshops

Del Mar for July and August - Every Wednesday morning 10 AM to 12 PM  - $100.00 includes 4 mls of perfume (please see information below)  Please email to prepay and pre register and for more details.


Couture Parfumier JoAnne Bassett Launches Custom Natural Perfume-Making Classes
Cardiff-by-the-Sea, Calif. – May 31, 2013 – Couture parfumier JoAnne Bassett brings her all-natural fragrances and exquisite fragrance-making talents to luxury hotels in Southern California. Her Custom Natural Perfume-Making Classes take resort guests on a 60-minute aromatic journey using her decades of experience as a natural artisan perfume creator or parfums couturier.

Guests come away from these highly educational classes with a better understanding of natural vs. synthetic perfumes as well as a custom-made bottle of perfume made from top-of-the-line essences, oils and botanicals. What could be a better way to remember a fond romantic or family vacation with a sweet-smelling spritz of fine all-natural perfume? Plus, guests even name their scent, go home with their own “fragrance formula,” which they can re-order online anytime at
JoAnne resides in the flower power region of North San Diego County so she can be close to the ocean and the flower fields, but she is available to teach classes at Southern California’s finest hotels.

Customized Natural Perfume-Making Class
While on what feels like an aromatic journey, guests gently inhale luxurious scents like precious essences of rose, champa, and sandalwood. They are guided by JoAnne Bassett as their expert guide to craft their very own signature natural perfume made with the finest ingredients. These fun, educational, and sweet-smelling workshops are literally made rewarding when guests return to their rooms and their homes with a gold-topped, four-millileter (4 ml) perfume bottle (worth $100).
The classes are suited for both men and women. JoAnne says her students learn about the roles of “top, middle and base notes” when it comes to smelling her expensive oils, essences and absolutes. After smelling, the perfume-making process begins in earnest. JoAnne even helps guests name their signature scent and also provides tips on how to store, how to wear natural perfumes and how to extend the smell all day.

To learn about fragrance classifications, JoAnne takes her students on a “perfume smell version of a wine tasting.” This “fragrance flight” consists of nine perfumes starting light with citrus and soft florals and then to heavier fragrances like floral orientals, woods, tobacco scents, and resins.