Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Natural Perfume - Descanso Gardens Rose Festival

Natural Perfume - Descanso Gardens Rose Festival near Los Angeles, California.


I went to the Rose Festival on Sunday, May 25. What a delightful event! Floral artist Alison Franchi and make-up artist Jennifer Aspinall turned a model into a living piece of art decorated with roses, body paint and jewels. An homage to the gardens at Versailles. What a fabulous job! This model would fit right in with my Royal Collection of natural perfumes.

girl 1

I was so enchanted with the rose garden, the California native gardens, the tall oaks, the water falls, the rhodies and camelias blooming that I forgot to take photos. The natural perfume of the roses in the 80 degree afternoon sun was amazing. The ride on the train past koi ponds and wonderful large trees was fun. The Boddy house was also interesting and the hike through the forest to get there was great.