Friday, May 30, 2014

JoAnne Bassett’s Intuitive Bespoke Natural Perfumes©

I have created Custom Bespoke Natural Perfumes for over 20 years. People are always asking me “How did you know that I love gardenia”? How did you know that I like ….fill in the blank.  It is because I am clairvoyant and I can tap into your energy and receive the information I need to make your perfume that you will love!  Yes I create beautiful custom perfumes that you will love.  This is true for men and women.

There are two ways I work : the first is I create a perfume that is purely for your enjoyment!  You love to wear it and feel very special doing so.  It is your signature scent…no one else on the planet has one like this.  It makes you feel confident and beautiful.  The second is I create a bespoke perfume that will help you transform, that can potentially ease any physical or emotional problems. It may not smell perfect to you but you are able to wear it… it will do what your body needs.  It may have more resins or woody smells than what you are used to. This perfume can be worn at night or under clothes and be working with your chemistry.
Generally the second perfume will work its magic and in six months or so I get a request for another custom perfume for them.  They are ready to move on to the next level.  Which could mean they are now ready for the perfume that makes them feel like a king or queen..not the prince or princess.  They have stepped up their game and have said yes! That is where I come in to create their next custom.  Usually the second custom will be what you love to wear on all levels. Order yours today!  You new life is waiting for you!  Go here now!