Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Pink Rose For Valentine's Day

I love the fact that I have roses in full bloom in my yard in February. Lush, sweet smelling roses. This particular old rose has the most silky soft petals. The soft, floral aroma is deeply enchanting. The pastel pink is easy on the eyes. The gentleness of the bloom coupled with the ethereal scent attracts the little hummingbirds..What a sight to behold! The green body of the hummingbird in contrast to the flowers in the garden appear as art on a canvas.

This Valentine's Day I give you sweet, scented pink floral roses with love...

Being a natural perfumer...I use these beautiful blooms to create floral masterpieces. My custom bespoke perfumes contain the elements of this rose. I tincture these blooms and design new floral melodies with this liquid marvel..

I also create Limited Editions from my garden ... keep in touch for my next offering.