Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Sweet Smell of Lemon Blossoms

When arriving home from the Cardiff by the Sea coast I open the car door and am greeted with a heavenly aroma. Oh the sweet, soft smell of lemon blossoms. The air is permeated with yellow light..citrus memories..

The yellow, cheerful fruit hang in splendor with the smiling white and pink blossoms..what a joy..what a blessing.

I cut into a yellow beauty and the zest sprays my face...oh the perfume of it! The bitter lemon juice touches my tongue and I am in heaven.. The lemon trees are full and the fruit is abundant...more to am grateful..

My organic grape alcohol is waiting patiently for the blossoms to be dropped in with a careful hand. A sacred moment in time..well spent.

When the tincture has macerated I will be creating a limited edition perfume of citrus blossoms...My grapefruit, sweet orange, and lemon blsooms will dance together delightfully and create a joyful noise...Please check my website for the announcement of the sale of this precious potion.