Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mimosa Blossoms In My Yard ...In My Perfume!

I was out walking around the yard today.  It was sunny, breezy and 81 degrees....great weather for February.  I go to the back of the yard and here is this beautiful yellow clump of  Mimosa blossoms.  The bright, sunny yellow caught my eyes and the sweet, subtle scent caught my nose.  Love that honey smell...

Thoughts of macerations, and tinctures fill my mind...I use the Mimosa absolute in my Camille eau de perfume and parfum.  What a glorious scent.  Take a walk in your neighborhood and see if it is blooming. 

Years ago in Nice, France I walked down a street that was covered in small, yellow, fragrant blossoms.   I will never forget it.  Once smitten by their scent you will be taken. You will never forget it.  Enjoy!