Friday, June 11, 2010

Gardenia Tincture

I love it when my gardenia plants start blooming every day.  The first thing in the morning I am out in my garden looking for new blooms to tincture.  The lovely, floral, creamy fragrance is like none other. 

I use organic grape alcohol from wine grapes to tincture them in.  Using a clean glass jar I fill the jar with the alcohol.  It smells fruity and not strong like the grain alcohol.  I then pick my gardenia blossoms and let them sit on a paper towel to dry.  I then remove the petals one at a time and put them into the alcohol.  I do not want any of the grren leaves to go in the jar.  After many days of changing out the petals I get a pleasant gardenia smelling alcohol.  I use this gardenia alcohol in my Madame Pompadour eau de parfum and parfum.  It is also used in my Custom Couture Perfumes I create for people.  They love the "100% natural" gardenia in the fragrance.  Synthetic gardenia is a very different chemical smell.