Monday, August 23, 2010

Magie d' Or Eau de Perfume


Magie d' Or is Gold Magic. The gold light rays stream in through our eyes. We open to a higher knowing and experience an inner peace. The Divine Presence is felt and we are once again awakened and reignited. Go softly and revel in the light that guides us on our path. All is well.

A spicy oriental parfum that has lovely citrus notes to give it lift and sparkle just like fine champagne.
Notes: Pink Pepper, Patchouli, Cinnamon bark, Cistus, Clementine, Rose Otto, Jasmine absolute and others.

Magie d' Or is from the Royal Collection of eau de perfumes.  100% natural botanical fragrances in organic grape alcohol base and is a 16% fragrance concentration and French salon strength.

There are no synthetic fragrance oils, nature identical oils, or man made fragrances of any type in these natural parfums. They contain genuine essential oils,and absolutes that have been extracted from the plants or cold pressed from the fruits in an organic grape alcohol base.