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Mid 1800’s scientists began to separate natural raw materials into parts that isolated the aroma chemicals and synthetics were born.  The commercial perfume industry adapted the synthetics as they were much cheaper.

1. Natural Perfume
Therapeutic - healing—energetic, fresh, alive, vibrant, organic
Emotional healing– enhance well being
Create happiness
Uplifting, anti-depressant
Physical healing
Live plant energy
Frankincense- nourishes and protects the skin—meditative
Citrus - uplifting and anti-depressant
Lavender - calming
Woods - centering, soothing, reduces stress
Roots - grounding for focus and concentration
Geranium - hormone balancer—eases mood swings
Florals - increases confidence and self esteem

2. Synthetics - enert—not alive

3. Naturals– ecologically sensible– supports family farms and distillers— oils are derived from flowers, woods, leaves, herbs, grasses, etc

4. Synthetics—Synthetics are made from petrochemicals—derived from the word petroleum—like putting gasoline on your skin

5. Toxic chemicals that are cancer causing—pthalates promote asthma and damage to unborn children -
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6. Naturals develop on skin over time-evolving and changing– can be soft and subtle
Synthetics– linear—strike the senses bluntly all at once and stays the same

8. Natural—jojoba liquid vegetable wax - mimics the natural oils of human skin—good for dry skin—has a stable long shelf life—used in parfums

9. Naturals—blended and bottled by hand—using organic grape alcohol from wine grapes—richness and complexity of the ingredients—rose oil has over 350 separate nuances (honey, sweet, spicy, etc.

10. Synthetics– strong synthetic smell offensive to some people—blended and bottled by machines in a factory using drying alcohol

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