Saturday, January 8, 2011


The Need For Natural Perfume!

Natural eau de toilette and natural perfume made solely from therapeutic quality essential oils and high quality absolutes are far superior to their counterpart - the synthetic fragrances.

Many people who have allergies are not able to wear the synthetic fragrances that are sold in the major department stores, discount stores, and drugstores.  This is due to the chemical compositions that they contain.  This “chemical soup” that is the fragrance oils, contain toxic chemicals that are compounded in the laboratory.  These so called fragrances have never even seen a flower let alone a flower grown without pesticides in an organic garden.  These chemicals that copy nature are used to make synthetic eau de toilettes and parfums.  They are used to reduce the price of the product.

In days of old when real flowers were used the all-natural concoctions became cost prohibitive.  The real French parfum and all natural eau de toilettes became very expensive to produce.  Therefore the market required a cheaper alternative.  Synthetics were born.  Real lavender essential oil, real Bulgarian rose oil, and real Jasmine sambac were now a thing of the past.  In their places were the chemical mixtures that were made to ”smell” like the real rose, etc.  True Bulgarian rose oil has a complexity that cannot be duplicated in the laboratory.  The “fake” rose oil that is created in the laboratory is inert and has no life energy to it.  The true rose has a depth and softness that cannot be copied in the laboratory.

The “real thing” does not make your nose curl or your nose water.  People with allergies cannot go near a fragrance department in a store as they may not be able to breathe or their eyes or nose will water.  Some people will get an instant headache from inhaling these petrochemicals.

The scary thing is that some of these trendy fragrances cost a fortune with their beautiful packaging.  Very large advertising budgets are needed to support the new fragrance campaigns.  These expenses all get added to the cost of the bottle of eau de toilette.   Wouldn’t it make more sense to support the small farmers raising the organic gardens, harvesting, and distilling the natural essential oils from the flowers?  Why would anyone support the industry that copies the real thing? 

When purchasing all natural eau de toilettes from boutique perfumers, you can be assured of the quality of materials they are buying.  Most of these organic materials would be of the same quality found in your organic produce section of your local health food store.  Isn’t putting all natural products on your skin as important as putting organic and all natural products in your diet?

I trust the next time you go to make a purchase of fragrance, take a moment and consider spending your money on something that is alive and not grown in the lab. Your skin will thank you and your nose will be much happier. The people in your immediate environment will not have to turn away so they don’t choke on the fumes!  Elevator rides may even become a pleasant experience.