Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Only 30 Custom Bespoke Perfumes Left At $1,000.00 - Order Now!

Natural Perfume In Hand Blown Glass
Yes you heard right!  I am only offering 30 more Custom Natural Perfumes at $1000 before I raise my price to $2000. 

For almost 20 years I have been creating Custom Bespoke Perfumes using only natural ingredients.  These precious and rare oils are the finest rose ottos, vintage sandalwood essential oil, vintage jasmine absolutes, and beautiful gardenia tinctures, and macerations of flowers from my garden.

These delightful parfums are presented in a hand blown glass bottle with the colors of a sunset reflected on the ocean.  Valentine's Day is coming and this is the perfect gift for women and men.

Order your Custom Bespoke Perfume today.  http://www.joannebassett.com/custom.htm

Please call 760.309.2571 to enquire.  They are available through the mail.