Saturday, October 20, 2012


From Facebook:
Henrique Brito review: At first you may think that Esoterica doesn't have a connexion between its name and essence but a careful understanding makes it evident the reason of its creator giving this name. Even though esoteric is a word which is associated with something mystical, even religious maybe, here it's used not in this meaning, but to name a perfume deep and mysterious, sensual but sober and a little bit thick as it develops. The blue beautiful colored bottle doesn't give clues of its complexity and doesn't reveal the deepness of a fragrance that starts citrusy and become more oriental and leathery during its evolution. Esoterica's opening has a blend of citrus essences and roses that works like a conducting wire between the different JoAnne Bassett creations. It's part of her signature and it's a combination that she knows how to work in a way that sounds familiar on many of her fragrances at the same time that it reveals itself unique on each one of them. This fragrance finds a balance between the more light and refreshing aspect and the sweetness of its citric fruits, blending them with a silky and delicate rose aroma. The scent becomes, as its name says, more complex and deep during its stage on the skin. The second moment on skin shows a delicious combination of orange flower and jasmine that is sensual but sounds so natural and comfortable, atracting more due to its beauty instead of its intensity. The last phase is the one that seems more complex and deep on skin, where the aroma transforms into a cozy combination of leather, vanilla, sandalwood and patchouli. The leather aroma here makes me think of classic leather, slightly smoky and rectified, and the vanilla has a controlled creamy sweetness and has some woody facets that blends well with the creamy woody sandalwood. The patchouli on Esotica is not intense and adds a slightly earthy touch to the vanillic leathery woody scent. Esoterica is, although complex, a well-balanced fragrance, perceptible on skin but not loud, being more of a rich, silky, luxurious and comfortable scent, a sensual elixir that develops its mysteries on my skin in a comfortable pace.