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Couture Parfumier JoAnne Bassett Launches Custom Natural Perfume-Making Classes

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Couture Parfumier JoAnne Bassett Launches Custom Natural Perfume-Making Classes

Cardiff-by-the-Sea, Calif. – May 31, 2013 – Couture parfumier JoAnne Bassett brings her all-natural fragrances and exquisite fragrance-making talents to luxury hotels in Southern California. Her Custom Natural Perfume-Making Classes take resort guests on a 60-minute aromatic journey using her decades of experience as a natural artisan perfume creator or parfums couturier.

Guests come away from these highly educational classes with a better understanding of natural vs. synthetic perfumes as well as a custom-made bottle of perfume made from top-of-the-line essences, oils and botanicals. What could be a better way to remember a fond romantic or family vacation with a sweet-smelling spritz of fine all-natural perfume? Plus, guests even name their scent, go home with their own “fragrance formula,” which they can re-order online anytime at www.JoAnneBassett.com.

JoAnne resides in the flower power region of North San Diego County so she can be close to the ocean and the flower fields, but she is available to teach classes at Southern California’s finest hotels. The cost for each class is usually $200, but only $150 per resort guest and includes one 4 ml bottle of perfume made from the finest natural ingredients (worth $100).

Customized Natural Perfume-Making Class
While on what feels like an aromatic journey, guests gently inhale luxurious scents like precious essences of rose, champa, and sandalwood. They are guided by JoAnne Bassett as their expert guide to craft their very own signature natural perfume made with the finest ingredients. These fun, educational, and sweet-smelling workshops are literally made rewarding when guests return to their rooms and their homes with a gold-topped, four-millileter (4 ml) perfume bottle (worth $100).

The classes are suited for both men and women. JoAnne says her students learn about the roles of “top, middle and base notes” when it comes to smelling her expensive oils, essences and absolutes.  After smelling, the perfume-making process begins in earnest. JoAnne even helps guests name their signature scent and also provides tips on how to store, how to wear natural perfumes and how to extend the smell all day.

To learn about fragrance classifications, JoAnne takes her students on a "perfume smell version of a wine tasting.” This “fragrance flight” consists of nine perfumes starting light with citrus and soft florals and then to heavier fragrances like floral orientals, woods, tobacco scents, and resins.

“JoAnne is without parallel as a designer of couture fragrances. She has the ability to define the most personal attributes of her client and somehow place them in a bottle. She does this with a genuineness, warmth, integrity and style that makes the entire experience a dream. If ever one desired to do something amazing and unique, having JoAnne create a custom fragrance would be it.” Michael K. B

What is a Parfum Couturier?
In France, a couturier is more than an artisan. She makes her craft for each client individually with great care, attention to detail and in the spirit of the art’s intended purpose. JoAnne Bassett considers herself a parfum couturier because she handcrafts each and every bottle and, in many cases, mixes her fragrant potion to her client’s specifications as well as artfully prepares them in artisan packaging.

Like a fashion designer, JoAnne consults with her clients to learn about their particular tastes, dislikes, lifestyle and other energetic factors. She also uses her intuitive abilities to imbue the fragrance with the desired intention of the alluring fragrance. Is the parfum to be used to attract a new love or spark an old flame? Do you need a signature scent for business or pleasure? Are you ready to transform your immediate auric field in a simple way with 100 percent natural and rare Earth essences?

Using the finest essential oils, absolute essences and botanicals, she blends together fine works of fragrant “art” nestled inside a beautiful bottle. A master alchemist or couture parfumier knows how to perfectly blend 100 percent natural combinations of exquisite and rare essences that work on all levels of the body through a human’s most powerful “sense” – the sense of smell.

Why Natural Perfumes?
In the 90s when JoAnne Bassett was creating private label natural product lines for spas, she started formulating natural perfumes for spa owners. She realized that she was most attracted and impassioned by these adventures into this land of scents to heal and uplift.

“The smells sent my nose, brain, body and spirit soaring free,” says JoAnne. It was during this time JoAnne learned how all-natural fragrances can be used as a sweet-smelling tool to reach people by tapping into Nature’s power to energize, enlighten and empower.

Later, JoAnne studied the ancient French art of handcrafted parfumerie. Using the finest essential oils, absolute essences and botanicals, she trained herself to blend together fine works of “fragrance art.”

When available, JoAnne scavenges for wild and organic essences from all over the world. She never uses
phthalates, synthetic aroma chemicals, nature identicals, isolates, artificial dyes, parabens, or petroleum products. Her products are never tested on animals and her lines are cruelty free. JoAnne uses organic jojoba oil in her parfums and organic grape alcohol from wine grapes for the eau de toilettes, and eau de parfums.

JoAnne Bassett crafts her natural parfums in North San Diego’s quiet coastal countryside where flower growing is a serious agricultural business. She is passionate about her company using green products and sustainable materials, so she supports local farmers and distillers. JoAnne also uses refillable bottles and her sturdy, quality perfume boxes can also be reused and even kept as sacred heirlooms.

JoAnne Bassett Signature Perfume Collections
JoAnne was inspired from her studies to craft her ever-popular Royal Collection, including the classic parfums of Marie Antoinette, Madame Pompadour, Josephine, Napoleon, Petit Trianon, Magie D’Or, Malmaison and Versailles.

Next, she created lighter, more modern parfums from her More Life Collection such as Serendipity, Opulence, Ecstasy and Vert.

JoAnne is excited about the launch of her new Night And Day Duo. Held inside a gilt-edged butterfly box, two 30 ml bottles hold a perfect combination of light and sweet day perfume JoAnne calls Amazing along with her powerfully mysterious Dark Mistress for fragrant nighttime adventures.

Artisan Packaging
JoAnne believes packaging makes a difference when it comes to ordering perfumes online, so she takes care with each and every package. Imagine you, your wife, your girlfriend, your mother or your lover opening a gold foil box shaped like a book with beautiful pink or turquoise butterflies floating atop?

Inside, this gorgeous “book box” is lined with a plush creamy white silk pillow. Glass and gold-topped perfume bottles are enveloped in creamy white silk bags with matching silk pull-ties. Her gold-foiled book-like boxes are filled with creamy white silk cushions and the bottles are enveloped in a creamy white silk bag with matching tie ribbon. These gorgeously-decorated presents can also include a handwritten card edged in gold foil.

Clairvoyant Coaching, Customs & VIP Days
Not only an intuitive crafter of exquisite perfumes, JoAnne Bassett is a talented clairvoyant who uses her alchemical skills to give clients clarity, focus and a custom scent full of life-changing intentions. Over the decades, JoAnne has tapped into this energetic essence to deliver inspirational “readings” for her well-heeled clients.

Clairvoyant Intuitive Coaching/Clairvoyant Intuitive Readings: $300 for a one-hour intuitive advisement where clients discover their true desires and positive potentials.

Silver Custom Couture Parfum: $1,600 for a custom-made ¼ oz. (8 ml) parfum in a French flacon inside a creamy white silk bag. JoAnne takes each client on a personal aromatic journey. JoAnne uses a combination of alchemy, clairvoyance and energy to create one-of-a-kind perfumes with magical significance and life-changing properties. Adorn yourself with your custom parfum and be transformed™.

Gold Custom Couture Parfum: $3,000 for a custom-made ½ oz. (16 ml) hand-blown glass bottle in a gold foil box with creamy white silk pillow. JoAnne takes each client on a personal aromatic journey. JoAnne uses a combination of alchemy, clairvoyance and energy to create one-of-a-kind perfumes with magical significance and life-changing properties. Adorn yourself with your custom parfum and be transformed™.

VIP Day: $5,000 for a six-hour perfume immersion includes a private clairvoyant intuitive reading and coaching session, an aromatic journey, natural perfume consultation, lunch with JoAnne and a ½ oz. custom couture parfum in a hand-blown bottle, gold foil box, creamy white silk pillow and matching silk bags. This VIP day will provide transformation, clarity, focus, direction, life purpose, and creating a plan. We will uncover your biggest vision for yourself!

About JoAnne Bassett
JoAnne Bassett is a natural couturier perfumer. Based in coastal northern San Diego where flower agriculture is booming, JoAnne uses the fine art of French perfume creation to a high art with her natural perfume collections, custom intuitive perfume sessions and natural perfume-making classes. All of her perfumes, collections and hand-blown bottles can be found on her website at www.JoAnneBassett.com. JoAnne also crafts opulent bodycare products to match a favorite perfume or custom-made fragrance. Want a natural perfume with the ability to last all day like synthetics? JoAnne sells an “extender” for those perfume enthusiasts who want their natural perfume to last all day. JoAnne also offers her couturier parfums in both sample sizes and exquisitely-packaged travel-sized sprays for purses and evening bags. JoAnne takes her craft seriously down to the artisan packaging for online and return customer orders.


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