Monday, June 10, 2013

Father's Day Natural Fragrance Ideas

Italian Smoke is a sexy, dark eau de parfum.  With luscious neroli - orange blossoms, sweet orange, and jasmine grandifolium - an aphrodisiac with a capital A..this scent is sure to please.  The smoky tobacco absolute,  sensuous sandalwood, faintly sweet vanilla absolute, deepen the mix and we get lost in the smoky haze.  Hot, hot, hot!

Oh and did I say there is a candle that goes with it?  Exotica all natural candle is the right choice.  Available in a heavy glass container and a travel size candle.  The travel candle is perfect for that romantic weekend getaway.

Another fabulous option is Vert eau de parfum. Vert is an herbal scent created from herbs from Provence. Marjoram, lavender, cypress, rose, vanilla, green mandarin, cistus, angelica, black currant, lemon verbena, grapefruit, cocoa, others. Provençal paradise, plus cocoa.

You have time to order..we can ship it out Priority Mail ...Happy Father's Day everyone!