Wednesday, January 15, 2014


This photo is In my back yard in Southern California in the San Diego area.  The dwarf orange and grapefruit trees have heavy fruit hanging. The fruit are not ripe yet. 

At the beginning of the new year 2014...I your fruit ripe? Are you ready to harvest your skills, talents, and abilities?  What are you waiting for?

I give clairvoyant readings for those people who are always waiting for something.  Waiting for it to be the perfect time, waiting to meet the "one", and waiting to start a business.  Does this sound familiar?

My gift of intuitively creating Custom Bespoke Perfumes and Perfume Potions are ideas that are a great way to start the new year.  New energy in a perfume that you wear.  You can jump start your new year with a natural perfume that will support you and empower you.  Are you in? Are you ready? Contact me today and get your new year off to a new start!.