Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rose Geranium Blooming In My Yard

I felt so grateful this morning when I went into my yard to drink my coffee and wake up.  To my surprise this beautiful rose geranium had bloomed and graced me with her presence.  This is a scented geranium.  When you rub the leaves it gives off a wonderful, flowery rose and green geranium scent...Beautiful.

Rose geranium is such a female plant and is used for balancing.  It can be used for balancing hormones, hot flashes, PMS, quitting smoking, depression, and for unworthiness issues.  I helps you to feel "mothered".  It is definitely a comforting scent.

It is used a lot in aromatherapy blends, in soaps, candles, baths, etc.  I sell the essential oil at  I love using rose geranium in my 100% natural fragrances.  It is in Reveiller eau de toilette, and Divine Essence 3 eau de parfum.  You can order samples of these and receive free shipping.  Go to   

Great things are happening in the garden this Spring.  Stay tuned.