Monday, January 3, 2011

2 More Days Only! $500 off Custom Bespoke Parfums

So Unique Parfums© are composed of the finest essential oils and absolutes available. JoAnne Bassett, Couture Natural Perfumer, employing all the skill of a modern day alchemist, creates these exceptional scents. Using these rare and exquisite essences, she produces a work of art that is your likeness in a parfum bottle - "your essence", and is truly unique to you.

This indulgence is your signature fragrance and reflects the energy expressed in your persona. JoAnne is a master at reading people and creating a perfume, which reflects an individual's essential nature. Commissioning a custom elixir is a very luxurious and coveted experience; a beautiful and valuable treasure for yourself or someone you love.  Custom perfumes are great Valentine's Day gifts!

Now receive your aromatic treasure in a hand blown glass bottle with special dauber.  Hurry offer ends January 5, at 5 pm Pacific time!  Call me for more details and to order.  Phone 760.309.2571!